Fresh as Hell

If you’re going to be bad, make sure your donuts are good.

At Devil’s Dozen, we offer carefully curated selections of donuts made fresh hourly, using only the highest quality ingredients available. Toppings include premium quality chocolate, essences and the ripest of seasonal fruits.

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Devil's Chocolate donut
Blueberry donut
Devil's Vanilla donut
Nutella Cream Filled donut



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Ungodly Reviews

“The name and symbols all around the place have satanic meanings and that was kind of disturbing, makes you wonder who owns this place or why the odd choice in branding.”

“The demon mascots and the odd symbols on the awning are pretty off putting. I Google searched the name and it’s like this horrible reference to a horror movie or a book about serial killers. Also, refers to a book about 13 demonic rites.

I’m just not comfortable with it all.”

“I MIGHT pay for them again if they’d rebrand. I am in Little Italy daily.”