Signature Donuts

flavor selection changes weekly
we offer gluten free donuts on saturday and sunday


Cinnamon Sugar

Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Old Fashioned

Vanilla Old Fashioned

Tres Leches

Carmel Old Fashioned

Guava Cream Cheese

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

Vanilla Old Fashion Donut Holes

Cafe Virtuoso strives to procure, roast and deliver the best quality coffee in San Diego. Our coffees are certified organic, fair trade and otherwise produced and purchased in a sustainable manner.

Coffee & Drinks

Coffee or Tea

$1.75 / $2.00

Cold Brew


Nitro Coffee


Latte / Cappucino




Chocolate Milk


Almond or Soy Milk


Bottled Water




strawberry lemonade


orange juice


Limited Edition

Merchandise for Sale

Please ask about our unique shirts, tanks, coffee mugs, roasted coffee, etc…